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    Our team members are improving and shaping the future of public health and health care delivery.

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    Within the Altarum enterprise, a vibrant synergy thrives among our entities. Comprising four divisions—Population Health, Public Health Systems, Palladian Partners, and Altarum Medicare Medicaid Services for States (AMMS)—each facet contributes unique expertise. Together, they harmonize to deliver unparalleled solutions and innovation to our clients.


Our team members play a critical role in shaping a better future for all. We are a community of passionate individuals who are committed to creating positive change. Our mission-driven culture fuels our dedication to improving health and health care. The stories in this Impact Report showcase the significant contributions and transformative outcomes our team has achieved in 2023. Every member of our team contributes to projects that directly influence and enhance the well-being of communities, families, and individuals nationwide. From research and policy development to innovative health care solutions, each day at Altarum presents new and meaningful challenges that make a difference.

Join us in improving and shaping the future of public health and health care delivery.

Affinity Board: Empowering Culture & Community Initiatives

Our Affinity Board actively enhances communication and collaboration, advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion while propelling cultural initiatives forward.

Together, our board members foster meaningful opportunities that celebrate various cultures, build a strong sense of community, and encourage profound connections among our colleagues.

We address complex challenges. We build better systems of care. We develop unparalleled solutions.

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We provide a rewarding work environment that encourages high achievement, self-development, and continuous learning.
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Our Commitment to Our Team Members and Our Communities

Empowering Diversity: Uniting Perspectives for Inclusive Excellence

Our commitment to fostering a diverse workforce serves as the bedrock of our ability to deeply comprehend the diverse populations we serve. It's through this mosaic of backgrounds that we endeavor to deliver culturally informed outcomes for our clients.

At the core of this endeavor, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) stand as pillars of support and advocacy. They ensure every individual within our organization feels valued and supported. Our ERGs are purpose-built to cultivate a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, focusing on the unique interests and needs of our employees. From supporting minority groups, championing women's interests, recognizing the vital role of caregivers, to promoting the vibrant spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community, our ERGs champion unity and understanding, serving as platforms for voices that echo the diversity of our workforce.

Fostering Community Engagement: Our Commitment to Service

Altarum's Charitable Contributions Committee and Palladian's Palladian Cares initiative form the cornerstone of our commitment to fostering a robust culture of service. These employee-led initiatives actively engage our team members in service-based events and purpose-driven campaigns, emphasizing their integral roles as proactive members of a broader community.

Through active participation in service initiatives, our employees showcase their dedication to making a meaningful impact. These initiatives serve as a testament to our organizational ethos, nurturing a culture where service, compassion, and community well-being intersect.

Altarum’s Enterprise Leadership Development Program: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Our commitment to fostering the leaders of tomorrow drives our comprehensive Altarum Enterprise Leadership Development Program. This program is designed to illuminate a clear pathway for team members seeking to cultivate robust leadership skills and elevate their industry expertise.

Embracing a flexible approach, the program is custom-tailored to meet individuals at various stages of their leadership journey. Through personalized mentorship and targeted education, we equip each participant with the tools and insights crucial to their unique professional growth. We believe in nurturing talent by offering dynamic resources that not only meet their current needs but also propel them towards their leadership aspirations.