Delivering Impact in 2023

We design and implement solutions to advance the health of individuals with fewer financial resources and those that have been disenfranchised by the health care system. Our work is focused on four areas – all conducted through the lens of health equity.

  • We work directly with health care service providers and payers on quality and practice transformation to transform service delivery and performance.
  • We advance public health programs through applied research and evaluation, program implementation, data analytics, and marketing and communications.
  • We integrate between the public health sector and service delivery sector (e.g., those who deliver health-related services – providers, payers, community organizations, etc.) to “connect the dots”.
  • We scale health infrastructure and enable the health ecosystem to operate at scale and be interoperable across silos and stakeholders.

Transforming Service Delivery

Working with health care service providers and payers, we help transform service delivery and performance by:

  • Redesigning systems of care
  • Supporting practice transformation
  • Educating and training payers and providers
  • Delivering technical assistance
  • Providing new, innovative tools
  • Conducting applied research and evaluation/analytics

Advancing Public Health

Altarum works directly with public health agencies and other key stakeholders to advance public health programs by:

  • Applying research and evaluation methods to assess the impact of programs
  • Supporting program implementation improvement of performance through technical assistance and training
  • Applying data analytics to enhance programs
  • Providing expert marketing and communications support to share outcomes and practice and policy recommendations and guidance to policymakers, stakeholders, and the public

Integrating Public Health And Service Delivery

We work both with those in public health and those who deliver health-related services (providers, payers, and community-based organizations) to deliver better value to states, providers, payers, and the populations they serve by:

  • Ensuring the flow of information and insights
  • Streamlining processes and reducing redundancies to improve efficiency and effectiveness for individuals and organizations
  • Promoting accountability for shared outcomes and integrated action across the sectors

Scaling Health Infrastructure

Our skilled team of IT professionals enables the health ecosystem to operate at scale and be interoperable across silos and stakeholders by:

  • Developing and implementing IT systems — especially public health IT
  • Modernizing existing systems and processes
  • Developing interoperability standards
  • Building solutions to support other programmatic work